Free Demo Classes | December - 2022

Before joining our training we invite all students to have a Free Demo class, so that they are fully satisfied.
What will happen in Demo Class?
  1. In Demo meeting first of all the Trainer's work portfolio - Clients & Brands worked with Hollywood films, Dubbing, Projects done & so on. So that you are assured about the Skill of Trainer.
  2. Training process, a Live Class environment, Training content, Live Projects, Discuss your doubts about training & work etc.
  3. To Book a Free Demo class Online or face 2 face - WhatsApp your Name, Languages, Location at - 9810269265
  4. Below are some of the Question Answer series asked by Aspiring voice artists in Demo meetings.
December 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    2 December - Questions by Archana, Voice Artist, Lucknow (Video Link of Q&A-13)
  1. How to approach to clients for work?
    A1 - To apply for work the only method is to send your Studio Demo reel i.e. your voice samples showcasing your voice over skills & range. This industry doesn’t need your CV, Certificate or your talks. Your work should speak for you. The client will be only interested in listening to your voice samples.
  2. Sometimes clients want to pay less for the work, so whether we should take that work or not?
    A2 - You will get all types of clients in this industry. With peanuts, good budget, regular work or once in a while types. So It’s a very subjective question & its answer can vary from person to person. Sometimes less payment also means they are not looking for a very professional output. It also depends upon the work type. At the end its upto you to decide as per your expectations whether you want to do it or not as per your financial situation & your skill.
  3. There are many types of vo pages on Facebook where they want vo artist. How to know whether they are genuine or not?
    A3 - On such platforms or otherwise we can never get to know who is genuine or not. You can follow simple tips like never delivering the full work without a payment especially with someone you’re dealing for the first time or giving a sample recording only & then final recording after the payment. If your sample is approved no Client would have any problem in paying advance or 50%. Although the number of fraud people would be always less so you need to opt for a balanced approach. Check their profiles, past works, videos, websites etc. to get more idea about them.
  4. How to make a proper home setup with no noise? Or if I reside in area where there is noise then how to record during daytime, because I'm free to record at that time.
    A4 - For a Home Setup you need a Good mic, Laptop or PC & sound proofing as per your environment. In a noisy area a Dynamic mic would be more effective than a condenser mic.
  5. How to get paid? Should we ask the client to pay in advance or after completion of work?
    A5 - It all depends upon the Client you’re dealing with. If it’s a reputed Studio or agency your payment is assured otherwise you need to be careful. For the clients you are dealing with regularly you won’t need to ask for Advance payments once an understanding is established, but exceptions are there. For first time clients you should never deliver the complete work without payment.

    14th December 2022 - Questions by Rinki, House wife, Jaipur (Video Link of Q&A-14)
  1. Voice over work k liye home setup mein kitna kharcha lagta hai ?
    A1 - Home Setup key liye apko Zarurat hai - Laptop ya PC, ek Mic, Recording software ki knowledge or recordings karney key liye a sound proof space or internet ki. Mic 2 hazaar se leker 30 hazaar ya adhik tak aa jata hai. Home setup key barey mein apko poori jaankari training mein di jayegi, jahan tak hamarey Live Projects mein kaam karney ki baat hai aap mobile sey bhi kar sakti hain.
  2. Kam Aaney k baad monthly work mil jata hai ya kabhi kbhii Kam aata hai ?
    A2 - Apko kitna kaam milega or kis level ka kaam milega ye aapkey talent per nirbhar karega. Per Is industry mein hamesha freelance kaam hi milta hai ko jobs nahi hoti. yaani jab jab apki voice select hogi tab tab apko kaam milega. Training mein aapko hamarey Live Projects key zariye itna exposure dia jayega jissey aap regular kaam paaney key yogya ho jayein.
  3. Voice over work k liye matlab Kam paney k liye field mei Jana padega ya online bhi work mil jayega?
    A3 - Voice over mein kuch kaam jese Dubbing key liye aapko studio jana padh sakta hai, Live anchoring key liye events mei jana padh sakta hai, per adhiktar kaam aap khud ghar sey recording kar key online kar sakte hain.
  4. Kya Gaanv m home setup ker k as a profession voice over work ka Kiya ja sakta hai?
    A4 - Bilkul, Gaanv ho ya sheher aap voice over ka kaam badi aasaani sey kahin sey bhi kar sakti hain. Professional banney key liye apko 3 cheezon ki zaroorat hain - Kaam kahan sey milega, Kaam ko professionally karna kese hai or kaam ko deliver kese karna hai.

    19th December 2022 - Questions by Mani, Canada, NRI (Video Link of Q&A-15)
  1. For online classes, I am in India until January 10, and after that, I will be overseas. Do you recommend I enroll after I am back overseas?
    A1 - As per our schedule we provide training once a week one hour class to each student. But since our training is given on individual basis & not in batches or group of students so it can always be customized to your needs. So in your case within 20 Days it can easily be done with your final studio demo reel.
  2. What's included in your fees?
    A2 - The Training is totally practical, to the point & customized to individual needs. A brief overview consists of - Where to find work, How to apply for it professionally & preparation required to become a voice artist. Knowledge about Studio & Home setup recordings. How to work on different genre of scripts with assignments & chance to work on on-going Company Live Projects & finally portfolio generation & Voice bank submission at for future projects.
  3. Do I have to buy the sound kit based on your specification?
    A3 - Here the most important kit is Voice & your mind which will help you to Perform. For recording purposes you will need to go to Recording Studio or record by yourself using a Laptop, mic at a quiet place. For our assignments & Live projects a Mobile is ok & knowledge about Mics, Recording, editing will be given during the training.
  4. Will I be able to get international assignments for lending my voice through you?
    A4 - Check our International voices section at We make films in All Indian & foreign languages. Your voice sample will be part of our International voice bank & based on selection you can definitely expect work from us. Follow us on youtube & facebook to see monthly projects & selected voice artistes.
  5. Will I also qualify to get assignments from India?
    A5 - Yes, voice over work offers immense possibilities from across the world based on your talent. But majority of the projects done for Indian masses require a Neutral Indian English accent.
  6. My first preference will be English and my second choice will be Hindi. It can be decided after my audition.
    A6 - Yes in your Audition we will be able to give you a feedback on your voice type & suitability of your language & accent for various types of projects.
  7. How do u analyze me for this work, my age is 79 so am I good for it?
    A7 - For this work you need to have a Clear voice which u have, good diction & above all performing ability & knowledge about reading different types of scripts. You need to be having an open minded approach, creativity, observational & have interest in this doing this work.

    19th December 2022 - Questions by Mandeep kaur, Nagpur (Video Link of Q&A-16)
  1. What are the things that ensure a great voice over artist?
    A1 - A Great Voice, Creative mind, Language Perfection & Fluency, Knowledge about various types of works & above all Performing ability.
  2. Is there any special qualification required to become a voice over artist?
    A2 - The minimum Qualification is one should be able to read & speak fluently. Apart from this No certifications or CVs required to get work.
  3. How do i find out my voice over style? What are the types of voice over work?
    A3 - Voice Over Industry is divided in 2 Broad categories: Main Stream work & Home grown freelancers. Main stream work consists of a large variety of Broadcast & non broadcast works like - Films, Movie Trailers, Dubbing, Cartoon, TV Shows, Radio ads, corporate videos, IVR, E Learning, Audio Books, Self explainer videos & so on… Home grown work includes Freelancers, youtubers, Vloggers, facts, motivational videos, stories etc. who basically earn by getting views. You can give a Free audition to check the suitability of your voice.
  4. Will I be able to make a full-time living or serious income in voice overs if you train me?
    A4 - Earning in Voice over after any training depends upon 2 factors : The Quality of Training & your ability. About our training:- 1. Trainer - You will directly get trained by National Film Awarded Voice Artist - Deepak Agnihotri. You will be shown the Trainer’s work profile in the demo meeting, so that you are assured about the Quality of work we do. 2. The Training Place or exposure - As we make films & give work to voice artists so you will also have chance to do lot of work in the form of assignments, Live projects for a good exposure. Now what’s required from you:- 1. Your Talent - How much you are passionate about learning & doing this work. 2. Marketing - How aggressively you market & position yourself in market.
  5. What are the most demanding languages in voiceovers?
    A5 - In North India its English & Hindi. But as India is diverse country so all the regions have their known languages in great demand.
  6. Do you offer a private lesson plan that also includes the online voice over training course?
    A6 - Yes our online & offline training has no difference & we only provide Private Voice over training & never in batches or groups of students.
  7. Do you offer students professional voice over demo reel after the training?
    A7 - As our recording studio is in Delhi so those students who live here or can come for final demo recording session make their demo reels with us.
  8. How long does it take to become a voice over talent?
    A8 - It all depends upon right guidance, learning capability & your talent. Regarding our training you can expect to learn & start doing work within 2 months of so. Rest depends upon our practice, dedication.
  9. Is location important in starting a career as a voice over artist?
    A9 - Earlier it used to be in Mumbai or other metropolitan cities only for voice over work, but with the advent of digitalization you can easily do voice over work from anywhere.
  10. Do I need a talent agent to find work in voice over?
    A10 - You will need to apply for work at places where the work is happening like recording studios, productions houses, film makers etc.
  11. How can I get a Great or deep voice? What are the steps?
    A11 - Being a Female don’t need a deep voice. It’s a property of a male voice, moreover one should focus on learning the art & performing different scripts instead of thinking about changing voice quality.
  12. Will I receive a certificate after completion of training?
    A12 - Yes you will get a Certificate of completion but its not at all required if you are looking for work.
  13. What are the next steps after completion of training?
    A13 - Making a fantastic Studio Demo reel & applying for work as taught during the training.

    29th December 2022 - Questions by Bharti, a College student, Delhi (Video Link of Q&A-17)
  1. Sir can i start part time work directly without training?
    A1 - Yes, you can apply for voice over work without any training if you think you know it how to do. Voice Over industry always offers Part time work only.
  2. Sir i know how to work but just want to know my voice structure, so wanna do one project with you, Can I do?
    A2 - To apply for work at you can send your studio demo reel. Based on your Quality of samples & selection you can expect work from us. Kindly check our website & apply or for any help WhatsApp at - 9810269265
  3. I don't have any studio etc. so how I can make my sample voice demo to show some one?
    A3 -Recording Studios are available in all the cities. Check in google for recording studios in your area for making a Studio Demo reel or you can also hire our studio for that purpose.
  4. Sir I just want to start work in this industry & if you have any project where you need my type of female voice, So can I do one project with you?
    A4 - The Industry is divided into 2 Broad categories - Main Stream work & home grown freelancers. For main stream works like TV, Ads, Companies promotional content you’ll need a Good quality Studio Demo reel & skill to apply for work. Based on your sample selection you will get work. For Home grown works like for youtubers, motivational stories, fact videos, audiobooks etc. you can apply directly without any training or studio demo reel. You can record on mobile phone or home setup & apply for it. Such jobs can be easily found on various facebook groups. You can also start your own youtube channel earn by getting views on your videos.
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