Free Demo meetings | 2022

Before joining our training you are invited to have a Free Demo class, so that you’re fully satisfied.
What will happen in Demo Class?
  1. In Demo meeting you will be shown Trainer's work portfolio - Clients & Brands worked with, Hollywood films, Dubbing, Projects done & so on. So that you are assured about the Skill of Trainer.
  2. Training process, a Live Class environment, Training content, Live Projects, Discuss your doubts about training & work etc.
  3. To Book a Free Demo class Online or face 2 face - WhatsApp your Name, Languages, Location at - 9810269265
  4. Below are some of the Question Answer series asked by Aspiring voice artists in Demo meetings.
February 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    26th Feb 2022 - Questions asked by Susanchi Raut, Nagpur, Pune
  1. How to sell/market my voice?
    A1. – In the first class this will be covered. How to find work, How to apply professionaly. Avoiding common mistakes. After the training you will be able to use Links of various projects done during Live Projects.
  2. How to increase confidence level with the voice over?
    A2. – In Second class every thing related to confidence building, Performance, Scripts & will be taught etc. Till then you can check profesional works of Voice Artists in TV, Radio etc. & get inspired.
  3. How to maintain the enthusiasm and energy for complete time like without getting stumbled and lowering down the pitch?
    A3. – By maintaining a Healthy voice. During voice over training various methods to increase stamina, exercises will be taught. You can also find such vocal exercises on Youtube videos.
  4. After training completion how can i do work hunt effectively?
    A4 – Getting Voice over work depends on 3 things – Talent, Execution, Professionalism.
  5. I want to work for the national/international tv show media for the documentaries e.g Nat Geo channel, Historic, Epic channel etc how to build that level and work in those great documentaries?
    A6 – You can check our shows daily on EPIC Channel – Wild Wild India & History Channel etc. To work at such level if you think you have that skill, you'll need to cross Audition only then entire episodes contract will be given to you. In majority of cases you might be required to go to that Studio & do recordings. So a lot depends on your location too.
  6. What are the forums to stay connected with the latest trends and updates in the field or get the requirements updates from the industry?
    A7 – After you will be trained by us & deliver Live projects you will be ready for work within 2 months or so. Internet is full of free resources, youtube videos etc. If you dont wish to go for training you can check such free stuff but it wont give you much real world expereince.
  7. How to self analyse ourself for the quality of work in voice over, any specific standard to be followed?
    A8 – There is no need to Self-Analyze anything. As an Artist Be open to all types of jobs. In any case the selection will depend upon client, not the way u apply or think about yourself.
  8. Are there any daily exercises we need to follow to improve the tone or diction?
    A9 – Daily Exercises for vocal health should be done. We will teach you in training, till then you can check it all freely on Youtube Videos.
  9. Is there any software or application we need to master to set the tone or the pitch quality and what are the basic things required for home setup?
    A 10 - Software are used to record & edit voice. Not to alter pitch or tone. The sound quality can be improved by software but the way different scripts are read only voice artist can know. No software can help in that.

    1st Feb 2022 - Questions asked by Shiwangi Singh, Odhisa
  1. Can voice over/voice acting be pursued as a full time profession?
    A1. Yes if you are talented & know how to get & execute work you can make a full time career in voice overs.
  2. How to manage the assignments when you don't have your own home setup?
    A2. You will need to record in some recording studio.
  3. When are the one-to-one offline classes going to be held and at which places?
    A3. We have students from all across India not just Delhi NCR. We never stopped offline classes. But Due Covid restrictions & online ease the num of students who want Offline classes in very few. Moreover there no difference in Quality if Training in Online or Offline as you can experience in free demo class.
  4. Can we expect projects from Hollywood?
    A3. Once your Studio demo is ready you can apply to studios. In first round they will select you on basis of your voice. After that you might be given some lines from the Film for recording as part of audition. If you're are selected on that basis, then you will be assigned that Project. In the Free Demo class you can see some of the Hollywood/ Interational Projects done by Trainer.
  5. How to maintain your voice for different characters?
    A5. All the methods of Voice Acting will be part of oour Voice over training. A Live demo on how to create different characters is shown to you in the Free Demo.
  6. What will be the charges if we want to do the training within a shorter duration of time instead of 3 months?
    A5. Our Charges are fixed. We dont charge anything extra for customised training as this training is not given in Batches but on individual basis only.
  7. What are your other locations except Delhi?
    A7. Our training is availed by students from all across India & Abroad as well(Check our Youtube channel). Studios only in Delhi NCR.
  8. What things do we need to have with us for online training? A8. You need a Laptop, Earphone, Mobile & Stable Internet speed, noise free room. The purpose of Free demo class is have a idea of Live Class before joining.
  9. How to make voice over/acting a mainstream source of income?
    A9. It’s a Gradual Process & wont happen over night. A lot depends on your Skill, Talent & execution.

    Questions asked by Sharyu Dhakular, Bhandara, Maharastra - 1st Feb 2022
  1. What Equipment are reqd to do voice over work?
    A1. For Training you need a Laptop or Mobile, earphone. For Work you will need to record in nearby Studio or buy some mic for Home recording. During training all guidance about setup will be given.
  2. What’s the guarantee of getting work after your Training?
    A2. After giving your Audition in Demo class, we have given feedback on your performance. To do work - You need Good/ Clear voice, Language command, Interest in performing scripts. Regarding the guarantee about our Training. We have shown you Trainer work, Profile & our company work. So if you’re satisfied by the Trainer’s work quality, you will be given Practical training, support & live projects to give you exposure & work, also check on our youtube channel students reviews.
January 2022 Online Demo Session
    Questions asked by KK Maheshwari, Faridabad, Haryana - 26th Jan 2022
  1. How can it be identified whether a person is fit for the industry or not?
    A1. To do Voice Over Work you need 3 Qualities - Good or Clear voice, Language Command (Reading & Speech) & Interest in Performing various Scripts as per requirement.
  2. Is there any age limit restriction to work in the industry?
    A2. As long as your voice is ok & you know how to perform you can get voice over work.
  3. How can one improve in the industry?
    A3. During our training all methods will be taught with practical examples how to perform & improve.
  4. Is there a need to invest in any kind of infrastructure?
    A4. For Online voice over Training you just need Laptop or mobile, basic earphone. For working you need to go to Recording Studio or build a Home Setup. All information is given in training.
  5. How can one get assignments?
    A5. After training we will make your Studio Demo reel in our Recording Studio. Your samples will be part of our voice bank – You will also be given complete details where you can apply for work after the training.
  6. How remunerative are the assignments?
    A6. The remuneration is this industry is directly proportional to your Skills & Companies you will voice over for.
  7. Can this be pursued successfully, as full time profession?
    A7. Voice Over work mainly comes as Freelance. If your are properly trained & can prove your skill you can make it a full time profession.
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