Free Demo Classes

Before joining our training you are invited to have a Free Demo class, so that you’re fully satisfied.
What will happen in Demo Class?
  1. In Demo meeting you will be shown Trainer's work portfolio - Clients & Brands worked with, Hollywood films, Dubbing, Projects done & so on. So that you are assured about the Skill of Trainer.
  2. Training process, a Live Class environment, Training content, Live Projects, Discuss your doubts about training & work etc.
  3. To Book a Free Demo class Online or face 2 face - WhatsApp your Name, Languages, Location at - 9810269265
  4. Below are some of the Question Answer series asked by Aspiring voice artists in Demo meetings.
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OCTOBER 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    8th August 2022 - Questions by Vivek Raval, Ahemdabad (Video Link of Q&A-7)
  1. I don't have enough base in my voice, so is it ok?
    A1 - There are many types of requirements in voice over industry & almost all types of voices are suitable for some type of work. Heavy Base voices are preferred for projects like Wild life Narrations, Corporate Films, Movie Trailers, Gaming, Ads etc. Your voice selection depends on Client’s requirement & type of project. So there’s no need to be worried about your Quality of voice rather work upon how you will perform & use your voice.
  2. Some say my voice has nasal sound. How to know is it actually there as i normally speak in the same way daily?
    A2 - You can give a Free audition at to check the quality of your voice. Having a nasal sound in voice can definitely limit the amount of your voice over work. Because usually a normal, clear voice would be preferred for various types of projects.
  3. In dubbing how the dubbing training will be done as it might need a studio setup.
    A3 - In our online training you will be taught everything about Dubbing to a lot extent it can be learnt online without a Studio setup.
  4. In dubbing the most work is in Mumbai so should I shift to Mumbai for that?
    A4 - As in majority of Projects which require Characters Dubbing like Movies, Web series, Cartoons dubbing etc. you will be required to be physically present in Studio wherever that work is happening. Mumbai being a hub of such a work if you are really passionate about doing aforesaid work you will have to move there.
  5. How to know how in dubbing the audition will be taken like it has to be done single line dubbing or multiple line dubbing? The script will be in dev nagari hindi or in english in audition?
    A5 - If texture of your voice matches the some Character requirement, you will get a call from Studio for that work. They might give you some lines to record as part of your audition to check whether you can emote well as per character requirement. If selected you’ll have to record all the lines of that particular role. For bigger projects Script will be Dev Nagri hindi or any other regional language font, for smaller projects it could come in English alphabets.
  6. How to approach a studio for audition for dubbing? Should I call and ask for their availabile timing for audition and then go?
    A6 - You can use any means for communication. But they will be only interested in listening to your voice samples. Only if your voice is selected you’ll be called for Audition.
  7. In my city Ahmedabad dubbing work or vo work how to find it?
    A7 - You can find contacts of local Recording Studios & Film production houses by using google.
  8. How and what to discuss with client for any work? What should we ask as pay for voiceover?
    A8 - You can take some inputs about the project like Speed, time duration, style, purpose etc. or anything that helps you to execute the work as per requirements. The payment depends on 2 things - the project type/client & your Quality.
  9. In dubbing single line dubbing is done or multiple lines dubbing ? In live studio will the studio give time to know where to pause in script according to the video scene?
    A9 - There are different types of dubbings done. For some you might be required to sync line by line like in dialogues. Narration dubbing you might have to do entire paragraph or the scene.
    2nd October 2022 - Questions by Sweta Singh, Bihar
  1. Meri Avaaz Kesi hai or kyaa mujhey kaam milega ya nahi?
    A1 - Aap apni aavaaz per WhatsApp kar ek Free audition dekar check karva sakti hain. Agar aapki aavaaz saaf hai or apko kaam karna bhi aata hai to is industry mein apko zaroor kaam milega.
  2. Meri avaaz kab tak aapkey pass surakshit rahegi..?
    A2 - Aapki Voice hamarey voice bank mein hamesha rahegi. Jab bhi apki voice kisi project key liye Client dwara select hogi, hamri teref sey appko kaam milega. Aap hamrey monthly selected voices facebook page ya youtube channel mein bhi dehh sakti hain.
  3. Mei Hindi or Bhojpuri Janati hoon, Kyaa mujhey ismein kaam mil sakta hai?
    A2 - Aapko Jis bhi bhaasha ka gyaan hai, apko usi mein kaam mil sakta hai. Apni showreel mein un bhashayon key samples zaroor banayein.
    1st October 2022 - Questions by Ashok Kumar, Mumbai
  1. Mene Mumbai mein ### Studio sey course kiya hai. 4-5 classes huyi thi group mein, they gave certificate also but no work? Mujey kaam kese milega?
    A1 - Pehli baat, Is Industry mein kaam Paaney key liye aapko kisi Certificate ya CV ki zarurat nahi. Aapko kaam sirf aapkey Talent or Skill key base per hi milega. Mumbai ho ya Delhi ya koi aur sheher, Jahan sey bhi apney training li hai, Sabsey zaroori hain trainer ka work profile check karna bajaye ki kisi baton ya kaam dilvaney key jhason mein aana. Jab tak aapka Talent or kaam khud nahi bolega, tab tak aapko koi kaam nahi dilla sakta…
  2. Voice over mein payout kesaa hota hai, acting key comparison mein ?
    A2 - Acting mein Jab tak aapki koi Screen presence ya Star value nahi bann jaati apko struggle karna padh sakta hai. Jabki voice over mein aapkey kaam key dumm per aapko acchey pese mill saktey hain. Agar tulna ki baat karein to voice over key kuch minto key kaam sey aap zayada paise kama saktey hain ek din key pooray shoot sey. Acting mein aapko idhar udhar sets per bhi jana padh sakta hai, voice over mein aap online kaam bhi kar saktey hain.
  3. Delhi ya Mumbai mein sey kaam kahaan zyada milega?
    A2 - Acting key maamley mein apko nisandeh Mumbai mein zyada options milengey. Per voice over mein aap kahin bhi bethey huey online kaam kar saktey hain. Dubbing jese kuch kaamo key liye apko uss sheher mein physically Studio mein jana padh sakta hai.
SEPTEMBER 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    20th September 2022 - Questions by Mini Kapur, Gurugram
  1. I need to know if my voice is fit for commercial work?
    A1 - To know this you can give an audition to get feedback on your voice. There are many types of jobs in voice over industry like E Learning, Narrations, Ads, Dubbing, Voice Acting etc. For doing this work all you need to have is a clear or good voice, good diction & most importantly practical knowledge about performing various scripts.
  2. I am a home maker so not in touch with the market for voice over, what kind of support will i get?
    A2 - The challenge in this industry is not how to find work & how to apply for it. It is How well you know it. During the training you will be taught about details like where to find work, how to apply professionally & above all the preparation required to handle work. Moreover you will be part of our live projects & be part of our voice over bank for more work based on selection.
  3. In case after the course my voice still needs more training for perfection. What kind of support will i get?
    A2 - For full personalized attention, we provide training on individual basis only & that too without any limitation to the number of classes. Compulsory assignments submissions will make sure you learn everything well & even after the training is over you can always connect with us for any help.
    11th September 2022 - Questions by Somesh Seluriyal, Dehradun
  1. Only voice over artist me apna future bana sakta hu ?
    A1 - Yes if you have the right Talent required for doing great work, you can make a full time career.
  2. Are you giving job/work? Or recommend to get job/works?
    A2 - We are a Film Studio & give work to selected voice over artists or students based on selections done by our clients for on-going projects. We also involve our students in Live Projects after the training as per their availability & interest shown, to give them Exposure. You can check the Montly selected voices on our Youtube channel
    11th September 2022 - Questions by Dikshita Sharma, Uttam Nagar, Delhi
  1. Kya hume home setup aap provide karenge
    A1 - To make a Home Recording Setup you need a Laptop, a mic, editing software & knowledge. We will provide you complete information regarding the same.
  2. Agar hum offline classes le to kya hume noida ana hoga?
    A2 - Offline classes are available in two studios one nearby Noida & other at Faridabad, both very close to Metro Stations.
  3. Delhi me aapke kitne studios hai near by uttam nagar
    A3 - Malviya Nagar, Near Noida & Faridabad.
    9th September 2022 - Questions asked by Girija, Rajasthan
  1. Voice dubbing or voice over acting mein kyaa fark hota hai nhi pta?.
    A1. - Voice Dubbing & Voice Acting are inter related words. In voice acting you’re not acting in front of camera but only on mic. In Dubbing you record your voice in sync with another language or in case of cartoon you have to record lines by lip syncing with the character. In our Training Voice Over, Dubbing, Acting will be taught.
  2. Work kese krna hota hai.
    A2. - You can do recording work at a Studio or at your home setup for which you need a Mic, Computer & knowledge of recording software & of course a noise free place while recording.
  3. Iski job ke liye kese apply krna hota hai.
    A3. - This Industry doesn’t provide any salaried type of jobs. It only offers you Freelance Work Options whenever your voice gets selected. Where to Apply, How to Apply & about Preparation reqd. will be taught in the First Class itself of Voice over training.
  4. Salary kitni hoti hai iski agar hum koi ad key liye apply kre to.
    A3. - The remuneration depends on your Talent, Company Brand value. There is nothing like standard rates in this Industry. Based on your Talent, Sky is the Limit!
  5. hume perfect English nhi aati.
    A3. - No Problem at all. You can get Work in Hindi. There’s lot of work available in Hindi, but if you know how to perform.
    5th September 2022 - Questions asked by Rohit Bokil, Indore
  1. Will the training cover the topic about the setting of home setup & treatment of recording space for good sound quality?
    A1. - Yes, all the details regarding Studio Recording & Home Setup, How to record, mics etc will be given.
  2. If the voice got selected in a live project will I be able to record on my home setup or on a local studio and send it and will I be able to get the support while recording remotely. Plz elaborate on how the process of live project works.
    A2. - As a Production house we make films in various regional & international languages. Our Students get chance to participate in on going projects depending upon selection by clients. You can record from Home or Studio. Details will be given during the Training.
  3. Will there be an voice assessment, pre and post training?
    A3. - Yes if you want you can give an Audition before joining the Training. To Book a Free Demo Class WhatsApp at 9810269265
AUGUST 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    5th August 2022 - Questions asked by Raj Shah, Mumbai
  1. What tools required to learn from home ?
    A1. - For Online Voice Over Training you need a Laptop or Mobile, Connecting software like zoom app, google meet etc, earphone & good Internet.
  2. Is preparation different for different focus area ?
    A2. Yes, many assignments will be given on different types of voice over work done in industry. Our Training is customized on individual basis covering all areas of voice over work with Live Projects exposure.Training is not conducted in groups or batches.
  3. What is the course outlook ?
    A3. Training is Practical Work Oriented & is given by National Film Awarded Voice Artist – Deepak Agnihotri on personal basis. You can take a Free Demo class to discuss the details covered.
  4. How can you tell if I should enrol and I will get a chance in future ?
    A4. You should have a Good/ clear voice, diction & Interest for this work. You can give a Free audition to discuss more about it.
  5. I heard about live projects in testimonial, those projects are in-house it seems, after that how to proceed to get professional project?
    A5. As we are a Film Studio engaged in production film making activity for which voice artists are needed, so students keep getting chance to work on projects based on their selection during the training.
  6. Does the course includes post training consultation ? Or there are additional fees ?
    A5. Yes, this is not an institute type setup. You will be in touch with Deepak Agnihotri for any future help regarding work, client dealings etc. No extra charges for this.
    1st August 2022 - Questions asked by Urmimila, Ghaziabad,UP
  1. Can a vo artist become a multilingual VO artist. Like I can read, speak & understand Hindi, English & Bengali, can I use all three languages as a medium while pursuing the training and thereafter?
    A1. - Yes. You should be able to read & speak the languages fluently.
  2. What is a meaning of live projects?
    A2. Students after the successful completion of training & also while undergoing training are given chance to participate in our on-going Company projects.
  3. What is a duration of the training? In case I am a slow learner will I get extra training classes? Do I need to pay any extra fee for it?
    A3. Around 2 months. The number of classes is flexible. You can take more time, as the classes are held only on individual basis & not batches so there is no problem like starting of batch, ending of batch etc. No Extra fee will be charged.
  4. Can a lesson get repeat in next schedule class in case I miss out something or unable to understand?
    A4. Yes you can repeat a topic. Because training is not in batches so without any hesitation you can get a repeated class on any topic.
  5. Can a VO artist become a RJ (radio jockey)? What kind of jobs a VO artist can do?
    A5. Yes if you are good in scripting you can also become a VO Artist. VO Artists mainly get hired on project basis whenever your voice will get selected you will be required to recording for it.
JULY 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    27th July 2022 - Questions asked by Shweta Narayankar, Hubli, Karnataka
  1. Do they cover different English accents? For example American English, British English etc.
    A1. - This is not a language or Accent training Course. You need to be fluent in reading & speaking the language in which you want to do voice overs. Basics of the Spoken language like diction etc will be covered. Mainly the focus is on learning how to perform different scripts & deal with client’s expectations.
  2. Do you provide references for work opportunities in other regional languages?
    A2. Yes we make films in all Indian & Foreign languages. We directly give work to voice artists. You can check some our male, female, child voice artists samples in our voice bank at –
  3. What would the Remuneration be per project based on experience?
    A3. This industry is unorganized. Branded Companies will be ready to pay you as per your talent & expertise. Companies with small budgets will mostly specify you their budgets to you. Rest assured If you have the talent sky is the limit. It’s a very lucrative industry.
  4. Can I do VO/Dubbing on YouTube and present it as samples to seek work opportunities?
    A4. In this industry you will get work only on the basis of your voice samples. No CVs, Certificates or supporting talks like having good voice, communication skills or similar background experience will work. You will get work only on the basis of your Voice samples in general or on the basis of samples from their script. Here Your Work Should Speak for You.
    27th July 2022 - Questions asked by Neelu, Indore
  1. For online training how the studio demo part is recorded.
    A1. - If you are from Delhi NCR, you will have to come to our Recording Studio in Delhi for Final Studio Demo Recording. For out station candidates if you can’t come to Delhi you can hire any studio at your place or create a demo reel with your home setup about which guidance will be given in training.
  2. Can we request to start and schedule classes as per our engagements. Or is it Fixed structure where in if not attended classes might be lapsed.
    A2. As we don’t give training in Batches with rigid start & end date of course as in institutes etc. So even if you miss any number of classes, your training will be resumed whenever you want. Training is completely personalized.
  3. What are the modes of payment and can it be done in parts?
    A3. Most of the Students after seeing the Quality of our works pay at the time of admission. If there is any need you discuss can divide in installments & schedule ur classes accordingly.
  4. Is there any certification provided post training?
    A4. Yes, Certificate is provided after the training. But from work point of View in this industry nobody will ask for your Bio Data, CV, and Certificates etc. So our main focus will be on work.
  5. Guidance to convert this into a consistent source of income.
    A5. Everything related to finding work, how to apply & prepare for it will be taught in the very first class.
    26th July 2022 - Questions asked by Deepa Jain, Dwarka Delhi
  1. Am I fit for voice over?
    A1. - This is a Creative Industry. If you have interest in performing art & have a clear or good voice then you are good to go.
  2. What is voice modulation?
    A2. Modulation is a way to Bring out life in Script. Without knowledge of modulation any voice over will lack expression & feelings. Various types of modulations & methods of doing them will be taught in the second class of this training program.
  3. Once a week class is enough for training?
    A3. We provide personalized training only & number of classes is also flexible. You won’t be a part of batch with a limited number of classes. Compulsory Assignments will be given to you in each class. In Regular mode its once a week only, but if you want to finish early you can customize your course.
  4. Want to understand about the assignment?
    A4. Scripts covering all Genre of works will be given in each class to be submitted before in the next class.
    24th July 2022 - Questions asked by Priya Velapurkar, Mumbai
  1. How can we make it a profession?
    A1. – After doing this training you will be able to work as Free Voice Over Artist. Where to apply for wor, How to apply for it & the preparation required will be taught in first class.
  2. Scope?
    A2. Scope of work in this industry depends on ones talent, execution & professionalism. It offers work from home opportunities & offers immense scope.
  3. Suitability of my voice ?
    A3. There are so many types of work in this industry that almost all type of voices will be suitable for one or other type of work. You can give an audition to get feedback on your voice.
JUNE 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    10th June 2022 - Questions asked by Preeti Raghuvanshi, Bangalore
  1. I want to understand the over all training process.
    A1. – Training happens daily & is available online & offline depending upon seat availability. Every student once a week 1 hour class.
  2. What is the syllabus for the training?
    A2. Everything about the Industry + Live Projects & Studio Demo Reel. This is discussed in Demo meeting.
  3. I want to know if i am fit for voice over and dubbing.
    A3. You need to have a good or clear voice, language command & performing know how & ability.
  4. How can I do the home studio setup?
    A4. You will be given knowledge about mics & Recording/ editing at home.
  5. How can get regular work on vo and dubbing?
    A5. In the First class we will teach you about where you can find work from, how to apply & how to qualify for it.
  6. What will be the schedule of the classes?
    A6. Once a week, 1 hour per class on individual basis.
  7. Need to understand about the assignments you give?
    A7. Assignments cover all types of works done in the Industry & after that you will be part of Live projects undergoing in our company.
    8th June 2022 - Questions asked by Yashika Panjwani, Delhi
  1. What is the difference between dubbing nd vo?
    A1. – In Voice Over you have to record independently as per the requirement of script & clients expectations. In Dubbing you have to do recording in sync with an original voice, so you need to take care of timing, speed, emotions & more..
  2. How can we start getting work as i m very new to this industry?
    A2. In the First class you will be given knowledge about How to get Voice Over Work, How to Apply & what you need to qualify for getting work in this industry.
  3. Any possibility if i can start my work with u on regular basis?
    A3. After the training your demo reel will be made in our Studio in Delhi. Those demo samples will be part of our voice bank & whenever your voice gets selected by out client you will get that work from us. Apart from that you will also work on Live project as part of our training process.
  4. How to practice after training in future so that we don’t get outdated from the line..?
    A4. Enough of Practice scripts will be given to you during the training & most likely if you follow the procedure & submit assignments & unlimited number of Live projects you will start getting work after the training so no point of getting outdated after the training is over.

MAY 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    29th May 2022 - Questions asked by Swati Jain, Delhi
  1. Do we need to attend daily classes after joining course ?
    A1. – In Regular Program every student is offered Once a week class for 1 hour only. The training comprises of compulsory assignments & Live Projects so its not recommended to do it daily. Some students who want to do it fast join twice a week. Students coming for 3-4 days Workshop from other states of India do it on stretch. Unless you have any such urgency it’s always recommended to do it once a week, 1 hour individual class only so that you get time to work on assignments.
  2. Is it possible to take classes online ?
    A2. Yes, infact most of our training happens online only all over India & as there is no difference between Online or offline training in terms of quality, 99% of our Delhi NCR students also prefer online mode only.

    28th May 2022 - Questions asked by Deepti Sharma, Gurugram
  1. How to practice for voiceover at home? Any particular script required?
    A1. – During training you will be given lot of scripts & taught the methods of performing them.
  2. How to get job after this training?
    A2. Voice Over Work is available in Recording Studios, Production Film houses, various websites & social media network like facebook groups etc. During the training you will be taught about where to find work, how to apply & above all preparation required to get work. Apart from that your studio demo reel will be part of our voice bank. Some of the voice samples can been seen on our website –
  3. Are we going to work on any live project during training?
    A3. – Yes, Live Projects are Compulsory part of our Training Program. Depending upon your intent you can work on 3-5 or even more Live Projects after the Training. Check our youtube channel for videos of our Ex-students to know how many projects they did during the training. Click here
  4. How to apply for jobs / how to get projects after training?
    A4 – In this industry you will get work only based on your voice samples. After the training your Studio demo reel will be created in our Recording Studio & to give you exposure your voice will get chance to be part of our Live Projects.
  5. Is there any difference between dubbing and voice over?
    A6 – In voice over you are reading a script independent of any other voice. It can be a Narration, an ad, e learning module you have to know the speed & style of recording. Whereas in Dubbing you have to record your voice in sync with other voice which could be is same language or different. So there are many things to matched like time, speed, style & many other things. In this training you will learn to do all types of voice overs & different types of dubbing.
  6. What qualities are required to be a good voice over artist apart from good communication and pronunciation skills?
    A7 – Voice over work can be done from Studio or from Home as well, if you have a good mic & recording/ Software editing knowledge. In the training everything will be taught practically indepth.
  7. What qualities are required to be a good voice over artist apart from good communication and pronunciation skills?
    A8 – Creativity, knowledge about different styles & their practical execution.

    14th May 2022 - Questions asked by Atal Bhardwaj, Dwarka Delhi
  1. Whether an artist with simple voice can get work, even if his voice is not deep like eminent voice artists
    A1. – Mostly All types of voices are suitable for work if you know how to perform. Some projects like Ads, Narrations, Corporate films etc generally require deep heavy voices in some projects young voices are suitable.
  2. Can voice over work be done along with regular job ?
    A2. – Yes. In fact most of the voice artists are doing some jobs to support their regular income.
  3. If some one want to leave his current job and want to work as VO artist, whether he would be able to earn handsome amount to live a good life ?
    A3. – If you’re Talented enough in this industry Sky is the Limit. Otherwise it wont be that easy & straight forward like it looks from outside.
  4. Whether training can be done in hybrid mode......half online and half offline?
    A4 – Yes. You can do online & some classes offline mode. But as far as the Quality of our training is concerned Online & Offline Training has no difference. Before enrolling you can take a Free Demo Online or offline class.
  5. Can training be imparted on saturday or sunday only?
    A6 – Our Voice Over Training course is available on all days depending upon seat availability.
  6. Is it necessary to visit studio for each voice over /dubbing work or it can be done at home also?
    A7 – Voice over work can be done from Studio or from Home as well, if you have a good mic & recording/ Software editing knowledge. In the training everything will be taught practically indepth.
  7. What special qualities an VO aspirant should have ?
    A8 – Clear or Good Voice, Command on the Language & Performing/ Acting ability.

    14th May 2022 - Questions asked by Pinky Agrawal, Rajasthan
  1. Will my voice work?
    A1. – All voices are good enough to get some work in this industry in voice overs, dubbing, voice acting but if you know how to perform.
  2. As I have no idea about this industry, how I will get work?
    A2. – All about getting work, how & where to apply & most importantly how to execute work will be taught in this training comprising of assignemets & Live Projects.

February 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    26th Feb 2022 - Questions asked by Susanchi Raut, Nagpur, Pune
  1. How to sell/market my voice?
    A1. – In the first class this will be covered. How to find work, How to apply professionaly. Avoiding common mistakes. After the training you will be able to use Links of various projects done during Live Projects.
  2. How to increase confidence level with the voice over?
    A2. – In Second class every thing related to confidence building, Performance, Scripts & will be taught etc. Till then you can check profesional works of Voice Artists in TV, Radio etc. & get inspired.
  3. How to maintain the enthusiasm and energy for complete time like without getting stumbled and lowering down the pitch?
    A3. – By maintaining a Healthy voice. During voice over training various methods to increase stamina, exercises will be taught. You can also find such vocal exercises on Youtube videos.
  4. After training completion how can i do work hunt effectively?
    A4 – Getting Voice over work depends on 3 things – Talent, Execution, Professionalism.
  5. I want to work for the national/international tv show media for the documentaries e.g Nat Geo channel, Historic, Epic channel etc how to build that level and work in those great documentaries?
    A6 – You can check our shows daily on EPIC Channel – Wild Wild India & History Channel etc. To work at such level if you think you have that skill, you'll need to cross Audition only then entire episodes contract will be given to you. In majority of cases you might be required to go to that Studio & do recordings. So a lot depends on your location too.
  6. What are the forums to stay connected with the latest trends and updates in the field or get the requirements updates from the industry?
    A7 – After you will be trained by us & deliver Live projects you will be ready for work within 2 months or so. Internet is full of free resources, youtube videos etc. If you dont wish to go for training you can check such free stuff but it wont give you much real world expereince.
  7. How to self analyse ourself for the quality of work in voice over, any specific standard to be followed?
    A8 – There is no need to Self-Analyze anything. As an Artist Be open to all types of jobs. In any case the selection will depend upon client, not the way u apply or think about yourself.
  8. Are there any daily exercises we need to follow to improve the tone or diction?
    A9 – Daily Exercises for vocal health should be done. We will teach you in training, till then you can check it all freely on Youtube Videos.
  9. Is there any software or application we need to master to set the tone or the pitch quality and what are the basic things required for home setup?
    A 10 - Software are used to record & edit voice. Not to alter pitch or tone. The sound quality can be improved by software but the way different scripts are read only voice artist can know. No software can help in that.

    1st Feb 2022 - Questions asked by Shiwangi Singh, Odhisa
  1. Can voice over/voice acting be pursued as a full time profession?
    A1. Yes if you are talented & know how to get & execute work you can make a full time career in voice overs.
  2. How to manage the assignments when you don't have your own home setup?
    A2. You will need to record in some recording studio.
  3. When are the one-to-one offline classes going to be held and at which places?
    A3. We have students from all across India not just Delhi NCR. We never stopped offline classes. But Due Covid restrictions & online ease the num of students who want Offline classes in very few. Moreover there no difference in Quality if Training in Online or Offline as you can experience in free demo class.
  4. Can we expect projects from Hollywood?
    A3. Once your Studio demo is ready you can apply to studios. In first round they will select you on basis of your voice. After that you might be given some lines from the Film for recording as part of audition. If you're are selected on that basis, then you will be assigned that Project. In the Free Demo class you can see some of the Hollywood/ Interational Projects done by Trainer.
  5. How to maintain your voice for different characters?
    A5. All the methods of Voice Acting will be part of oour Voice over training. A Live demo on how to create different characters is shown to you in the Free Demo.
  6. What will be the charges if we want to do the training within a shorter duration of time instead of 3 months?
    A5. Our Charges are fixed. We dont charge anything extra for customised training as this training is not given in Batches but on individual basis only.
  7. What are your other locations except Delhi?
    A7. Our training is availed by students from all across India & Abroad as well(Check our Youtube channel). Studios only in Delhi NCR.
  8. What things do we need to have with us for online training? A8. You need a Laptop, Earphone, Mobile & Stable Internet speed, noise free room. The purpose of Free demo class is have a idea of Live Class before joining.
  9. How to make voice over/acting a mainstream source of income?
    A9. It’s a Gradual Process & wont happen over night. A lot depends on your Skill, Talent & execution.

    Questions asked by Sharyu Dhakular, Bhandara, Maharastra - 1st Feb 2022
  1. What Equipment are reqd to do voice over work?
    A1. For Training you need a Laptop or Mobile, earphone. For Work you will need to record in nearby Studio or buy some mic for Home recording. During training all guidance about setup will be given.
  2. What’s the guarantee of getting work after your Training?
    A2. After giving your Audition in Demo class, we have given feedback on your performance. To do work - You need Good/ Clear voice, Language command, Interest in performing scripts. Regarding the guarantee about our Training. We have shown you Trainer work, Profile & our company work. So if you’re satisfied by the Trainer’s work quality, you will be given Practical training, support & live projects to give you exposure & work, also check on our youtube channel students reviews.
January 2022 Online Demo Session
    Questions asked by KK Maheshwari, Faridabad, Haryana - 26th Jan 2022
  1. How can it be identified whether a person is fit for the industry or not?
    A1. To do Voice Over Work you need 3 Qualities - Good or Clear voice, Language Command (Reading & Speech) & Interest in Performing various Scripts as per requirement.
  2. Is there any age limit restriction to work in the industry?
    A2. As long as your voice is ok & you know how to perform you can get voice over work.
  3. How can one improve in the industry?
    A3. During our training all methods will be taught with practical examples how to perform & improve.
  4. Is there a need to invest in any kind of infrastructure?
    A4. For Online voice over Training you just need Laptop or mobile, basic earphone. For working you need to go to Recording Studio or build a Home Setup. All information is given in training.
  5. How can one get assignments?
    A5. After training we will make your Studio Demo reel in our Recording Studio. Your samples will be part of our voice bank – You will also be given complete details where you can apply for work after the training.
  6. How remunerative are the assignments?
    A6. The remuneration is this industry is directly proportional to your Skills & Companies you will voice over for.
  7. Can this be pursued successfully, as full time profession?
    A7. Voice Over work mainly comes as Freelance. If your are properly trained & can prove your skill you can make it a full time profession.
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