Free Demo Classes | November - 2022

Before joining our training we invite all students to have a Free Demo class, so that they are fully satisfied.
What will happen in Demo Class?
  1. In Demo meeting first of all the Trainer's work portfolio - Clients & Brands worked with Hollywood films, Dubbing, Projects done & so on. So that you are assured about the Skill of Trainer.
  2. Training process, a Live Class environment, Training content, Live Projects, Discuss your doubts about training & work etc.
  3. To Book a Free Demo class Online or face 2 face - WhatsApp your Name, Languages, Location at - 9810269265
  4. Below are some of the Question Answer series asked by Aspiring voice artists in Demo meetings.
NOVEMBER 2022 Online Demo Sessions
    5th November - Questions by Dheerendra Patnaik, Govt. Employee, Assam (Video Link of Q&A-9)
  1. How conducive is the training to be taken over a mobile phone than over a laptop?
    A1 - Online training can be easily taken on a Mobile phone also, Laptop offers a wider screen area so script reading will be convenient during the class otherwise a lot of our students take training on mobile also.
  2. How convenient is the stint in voice-acting/dubbing for working professionals?
    A2 - Voice Over work is mostly done on Freelance basis, that means your regular job or routine works won’t be affected. Regarding our voice over training also we offer flexible days, timings & personalized training where you’re not a part of batch so that you can learn everything customized to your needs at your pace.
  3. Are there any Government servants trained by you?
    A3 - We have trained people from wide ranging backgrounds that even we get surprised a number of times…from School kids, enthusiasts, to Theatre Artists Motivational speakers, TV News Anchors, College Students, Mass Comm Graduates, MBAs, Professionals, IT, Housewives, Army officers, Pilots, Doctors, Govt Officials, Cricketers, Charted Accountants, Doctors, spiritual leaders to name a few….In short anyone with a Clear Voice, Diction & interest for this work or looking to improve presentation & vocal skills can benefit from this course. We offer fully Personalized trainings tailor made for you.
  4. Will you also shed light on steps to be taken to maintain voice quality as in taking care of the throat & vocal cords?
    A4 - Vocal Health is taken care of by doing breathing exercises & some more techniques will be taught during the training.
  5. Is there any support for finding work after training, apart from our sample being part of the library at your studio for a lifetime?
    A5 - The most important thing to find work is to learn it properly. Where to find work, how to apply & preparation required will be taught you & your voice samples will also be part of our Voice bank at – Please note finding work in this industry is not difficult at all, it’s how you will do the work you need to be worried about part the most.

    19th November 2022 - Questions by Rahul Jha, Graphic Designer, Dwarka Delhi (Video Link of Q&A-10)
  1. How soon would I need my own recording setup after starting the course?
    A1 - For our training a mobile phone is sufficient. As you gain confidence & knowledge about recording & editing you can make a Home setup & for that you will need a Laptop, mic, recording software.
  2. Can I pay the course fees in installments?
    A2 - Yes you can pay the fee in installments as per your convenience.
  3. Do I need to have any prior experience in voice over / for this training?
    A3 - Not necessarily. What all you need to have is a clear voice, language command & above all Creativity, an interest in this industry, performing arts, Speaking, acting, music, radio, movies, animations or any of the above...How to shape that interest into a profession will be thoroughly taught during the training.
  4. Is there any difference between your Online Class & offline Class?
    A4 - Quality wise there is no difference in our Online & Offline training. All the features of our training like - Personalized 1to1 training, the Trainer, Live Projects, Time Slots, Duration etc. remain same. You can take Online training from the comfort of your home & you need a laptop or mobile phone. For offline training you will have to visit our Delhi NCR Studios & you will also be required to come for final portfolio recording after the course completion to our Recording Studio for 1 hour.

    19th November 2022 - Questions by Malay, Voice Artist, Gorakhpur (Video Link of Q&A-11)
  1. How different and better is your training as compared to others in the market?
    A1 - Well this is up to you to inquire & decide. The Quality of any training depends upon the practical knowledge & experience of the Trainer, which can be easily seen through his/her Work profile. In our case we offer a Free Demo class in which you can freely discuss all your Queries & also see the Works done by our Trainer - Deepak Agnihotri (National Film Awarded Voice Artist of India) so that you can proceed further without any doubts in mind. Likewise you can explore the market & make an informed decision. Because after the Training you'll also be judged on the basis of your work profile. To book a Free Demo class with us WhatsApp at - 9810269265
  2. Mein youtube videos or facebook sey clients key liye voice over work kar raha hoon, per payment bahut kamm hai or issues bhi hain. Bade clients key liye kaam key liye kese approach karein?
    A2 - VO Industry key kaam 2 parts mei divided hai - Maintream work jese ki - TV, Radio, Ads, Films, Big & Small Companies, Corporate films itiyaadi or dusraa Home grown Freelancers, motivational, facts videos, Stories, Youtubers, fan dubbers itiyadi jo subscribers or video views sey paisa kamatey hain. Mainstream Kaam Aapko tabhi milega jab aapkey kaam mein Talent or Quality Dikhegi or falswrup aapko muhmanga payment tak bhi mil sakta hai. Dusrey kamo mein chunki budget praatmik hota hai, isliye aap zyada payment ki apeksha nahi kar saktey. Yahan tak ki esey kaamon key liye Aapko voice artist hona bhi zaruri nahi hai. Iska andazaa aap khud youtube per maujood tamaam videos ko sunn kar bhi laga sakte hain. Yani agar apko Sahi maayeney mein Voice Over ka MainStream Kaam or Accha Payment chahiye, uskey liye aapko Film Studios, Recording Studios itiyadi mein approach karna padega or agar aapkey kaam mei Quality hai to vo Zaroor milega. Hamaari training mein aapko har prakaar key kaamo key liye tayiyaar kiya jayega.
  3. How can I make a full time career in voice over ?
    A3 - Fulltime Career means a sustainable income from voice over. For that first you need to ensure that your Quality is up to the mark so that your voice gets selected for mainstream voice over work from Big Brands & Clients with good payments consistently.

    21st November 2022 - Questions by Ranjit, Bangalore (Video Link of Q&A-12)
  1. Will the mix up of accents in English be corrected during the training?
    A1 - Yes everything about accent neutralization & diction correction in English or Hindi will be taught.
  2. I have a base voice and how do I identify that I have a nasal voice or not?
    A2 - Base voice is considered good for Narrations, Ads, Instructional Videos, Gaming, Movies, and Documentaries. We can take your Audition to check whether you have nasal voice or not.
  3. Will It be checked whether I am good at the four languages ( English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil) that I wish to give auditions?
    A3 - The mode of training is English or Hindi but as we make films in all Indian languages. So in your audition & training this can be easily checked through scripts in different languages.
  4. How long it will take to complete the assignments as it is done from a studio?
    A4 - You don’t need a Studio for recording our assignments & you’ll have whole week to before you can join the next class. In case you’re not able to record, your class will get postponed accordingly.
  5. Will I be getting chances to do the voice over in different voice cultures?
    A5 - Yes, we do all types of Voice Over work related projects like - Audio books, podcasts, story telling, Ads, Narrations, E Learning, Dubbing & so on. So depending upon your range you will get chance to work on same.
  6. If I have a nasal voice, will I be able to continue in the voice over projects?
    A6 - Well voice selection always depends upon client & the project requirement. Nasal voice though will have lesser chances than normal voice. But one should always focus on Art instead of voice quality. If you don’t know methods of performing different scripts any type of voice is useless for this work.
  7. Will I be able to know the quality of my voice and scope of it before joining the training program?
    A7 - Yes in this Free Demo session we can give you a feedback on your voice after your audition.
  8. Will there be special training for voice editing softwares and requirements for setting up a home studio?
    A8 - Yes, you will be taught about Sound editing & home setup in this training.
  9. Can the home studio recording mics be used for singing too?
    A9 - Yes you will be able to record singing projects from home recording setup.
  10. Will I get a clarification of the types of industry that my voice is suitable for?
    A10 - In our training we will teach you about all types of work done in industry & also what types of projects your voice will be suitable for.
  11. I am good at singing too. Will this help in voice over industry?
    A11 - Yes it definitely helps but it’s not at all any pre requisite.

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