Common mistakes :

Some of the Common mistakes made by freshers while applying for voice over work
  1. I want to apply for voice Over Work but don't have any studio demo reel.
  2. I don't have any demo reel, but I can come to your Studio & give Audition.
  3. Can you give me some text to record, i will record with mobile & send it to you.
  4. I get complements for my voice & speak a lot (HR, Corporate Trainer, BPO, Teacher etc.), I know how to modulate my voice so I want to apply.
  5. I can create many voices like doremon, shin chan please give me a chance to prove my skills
Above are some of the commonly made mistakes done by new comers who want to apply for voice over work. Please note the following:-
  1. If you don't have a demo reel, for a studio it means you're are a Voice Artist. In simple terms its like applying for work & asking employer what is a CV.
  2. Not having Demo reel & asking for Audition. Studios are not idle to call people & check their talent. Its like saying to an employer "I don't know what is a CV but as I am talented i can prove my skills if u let me come to your office & see my talent." Just imagine who these days have got free time to entertain such people. A studio is used to getting many such calls daily, you're not the only one thinking you are not getting a chance to Prove. Reality is you're going to seen as part of such big Crowd.
  3. You get complements & you also can modulate so you want to apply. All this is good but how will you know what a Video Editor requires ? or How ads are done ?...there are so many things which needs to be known apart from having Good voice & speaking skills. If you still think that's all is required, then hire some Recording Studio & make a Demo reel showcasing your talent & approach studios for Voice Over Jobs.
  4. I can create many voices like Doremon, Shinc chan etc...So i want to get Work. The answer is simple - There are already people who are doing voices for such characters & cartoons. Do you think they will replace those original artists & give you their jobs. Voice Over & dubbing is not just about creating crazy voices, its much more...
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