Free Demo Classes | February - 2023

Before joining our training we invite all students to have a Free Demo class, so that they are fully satisfied.
What will happen in Demo Class?
  1. In Demo meeting first of all the Trainer's work portfolio - Clients & Brands worked with Hollywood films, Dubbing, Projects done & so on. So that you are assured about the Skill of Trainer.
  2. Training process, a Live Class environment, Training content, Live Projects, Discuss your doubts about training & work etc.
  3. To Book a Free Demo class Online or face 2 face - WhatsApp your Name, Languages, Location at - 9810269265
  4. Below are some of the Question Answer series asked by Aspiring voice artists in Demo meetings.
FEBRUARY 2023 Online Demo Sessions
    3 February - Questions by Sunita Batra, Texas, USA
  1. What makes a voice appealing and in demand, is it because it’s memorable, distinctive and what other qualities can we discern in a voice? Wherever I go, people love my voice and it takes me by surprise every time. I’d be curious to understand what these appealing qualities are and how I could protect them as well as develop them further.
    A1 - In professional terms, it’s the Creative ability that makes a voice in demand. Depending upon project type there could be different types of voice requirements. If people love your voice its good for you & it shows you have some potential to use your voice in voice over industry. Generally speaking soft spoken, pleasant, inviting, warm voices are preferred from females & Heavy, Baritone voices from male. Not misusing & mistreating your voice is the first thing to keep your voice in good state.
  2. During the training, will I learn how to build vocal stamina, breath control, how to keep the voice clear and sharp for the work?
    A2 - Yes you will be taught about Vocal Exercises & how to build & maintain a Clear, Good voice for voice over work.
  3. As for marketing the voice, I know I would be included in your voice bank, also what other avenues do you recommend to your students? What sorts of clients do you get that use your students’ talents?
    A3 - Once trained you can easily search for local studios on internet directories, make profiles on various websites to publish your voice & join various voice over related facebook groups to get leads. We do all various types of films & voice over works like corporate films, podcasts, animated videos, character voices to name a few & based on students' eligibility they get chance on Live Projects during & after the training. You can follow our youtube channel & facebook page to check Our monthly selected Students voices every month.
  4. Of course, there is commercial work, but how hard is it to get narrative assignments, such as audio books and how does one record such lengthy texts?
    A4 - Nothing is hard to be achieved in this life, if you have the Will to do it. You need to have the right talent & execution to get various assignments. Having a Good voice is just the beginning. As a beginner one must focus on mastering the craft rest everything will come on its own.
  5. I have a degree in Journalism as well as Economics and am very curious about the world. Can this training help open doors in podcasting and other serious media?
    A5 - Podcasts is a very simple media currently with respect to voice over industry, you will be taught about much more creative forms of Industry work.
  6. About the technical aspects: how would this work remotely? And would you be there to guide me in the practical aspects of putting together projects?
    A6 - Yes you can easily do voice over training & work online. There’s no need to be worried at all because We don’t provide training in groups or batches, everything will be taught to you patiently in a personalized 1-1 class catering to your requirements, & that too without any limitation to the number of classes.
  7. What do your weekly assignments entail? How much time can I expect to spend on practice and assignments per week?
    A7 - You will be given assignments based on various type of Industry requirements & applications. You will have an entire week to submit the assignments before moving on to next class. For any reason if you’re not able to complete it, you can easily skip that class. The success of this training depends upon how diligently you work on assignments & live projects.

    Feb 2023 - Questions by Smrity - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  1. मेरा एक यूट्यूब चैनल है उसमें मैंने अपनी वॉइस दी है, जिसे सुनकर मेरे जानकार लोग अचंभित हो गए और उन्हें बहुत पसंद आया और मुझे अपना वॉइस रिकॉर्ड करना और टीवी शोस एक्ट्रेसेस के बोलचाल को अपनाकर उसी के अंदाज में बोलना बहुत पसंद है और मैं बोलती भी हूं तो क्या मैं इस हुनर को रेगुलर काम करके अपने पैशन को कैरियर बना सकती हूं?
    A1 - अगर लोग आपके काम को पसंद कर रहे हैं तो आपके लिए यह एक संकेत है कि आप में टैलेंट है और आप इस दिशा में और आगे बढ़ सकती हैं। पर सिर्फ यूट्यूब पर ही अपने काम को सीमित रखने से आप एक अच्छा करियर नहीं बना सकती, आपको हर तरीके के वॉइस ओवर के काम सीखने और करने पड़ेंगे जैसे TV Ads, Narrations, film dubbing, radio, e learning इत्यादि।
  2. Will u help me only in training period or whenever I need?
    A2 - हमारी ट्रेनिंग की खास बात है की ये batches या groups में नहीं होती, और ना ही number of Classes पर कोई लिमिट है। आपको पर्सनल ट्रेनिंग दी जाएगी जिसमें आपके डाउट्स और आप के टैलेंट को तराशा जायेगा और ट्रेनिंग के बाद भी आप हमारे साथ Live Company projects के ज़रिये exposure पाने के लिए जुड़ी रह सकती हैं और किसी भी प्रकार की मदद के लिए आप कभी भी संपर्क कर सकती हैं। Training चल रही है या समाप्त हो गई है, इस बात से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा।
  3. My house is near main road. So there is always noise of vehicles. So I have to go to record in studio or I can record at home? Ye client pe negative impact to ni padega?
    A3 - Everything depends upon the type & budget of project you are doing. For professional Main stream work like TV Ads, Corporate films & more you will definitely need good quality audio either from a Studio or professional home setup. For youtube stories, motivational, fact videos & home grown type of work like that you can manage some how & try to cut noise as much as is possible.

    7 Feb 2023 Questions by Srikanth, Bangalore
  1. Is it possible, to become a professional voiceover artist, at my age of 51 years?
    A1 - As long as you have a Good or Clear Voice, Practical knowledge of delivering different types of scripts & a Creative mind to Perform you can work as a Voice Artist at any age. As it offers a Freelance work option so you can easily pursue it alongwith your jobs etc.
  2. How effective is attending training remotely, from Bangalore. Would I miss anything, in comparison with classroom training? Like Practicing in a Studio ?
    A2 - Our training is fully customized to your needs with no limit to number of classes. Whether online or offline training is not given in batches or groups of students sitting together as a part of one class. Everything remains same in online mode also. You will get individual personalized class of 1 hour every week. The only difference between online & offline training is you will have to hire some recording studio after the training in Bangalore for making a final Studio demo reel or make your samples at home.
  3. How good are the opportunities, as a freelancer voiceover artist, for corporate training materials, audio books and ads?
    A3 - Opportunities in this industry are very good & depend upon the amount of Talent you have.
  4. In addition to English / Hindi can I also focus on dubbing for Telugu tv serials and movies, as it is my mother tongue. Would it require any special practice beyond the training I am going to be joining now
    A4 - We make films in all Indian & Foreign languages but the mode of Training is English & Hindi only. But the concepts taught in training are applicable to all languages. You will be taught about various types of Industry work & with that you can easily do work in any language of your command & choice.
  5. Towards end of the training Could I anticipate real time projects as a voiceover artist.
    A5 - Based upon availability & interest shown we give work, live projects to our selected students. You can check our “Monthly selected voices” Video on our facebook page or youtube channel every month.

    20 February 2023 - Questions by Komala, Bangalore
  1. I want to do voice over for Kannada, Telugu and Indian English accent. Do I get training for these languages from Deepak Sir?
    A1 - The training is directly given on individual basis by Deepak Agnihotri, but the mode of instruction is English or Hindi only. However after our training you will be able to do voice over work in all the languages which you know. As we make films in all languages so your voice will be also be part of our voice bank. Visit our website to check voice samples in various languages.
  2. Most of the students are taken training in Hindi only but I don't understand Hindi but I can read and write. So in which language I will be getting training?
    A2 - We have students from Pan India & even abroad also. Many of our Students from South India & NRIs are not that fluent in Hindi, so training will be given to you in English only.
  3. Should I pay the full amount starting itself or can I pay in 2 installments becoz I am a House wife?
    A3 - Before taking admission we give a Free Demo Class in which a candidate is shown the Trainer’s Work Profile & can discuss his or her doubts regarding training & work. Most of the Students are fully convinced after seeing the Quality of our work in the demo class & so they pay in one go. But if still some one has any doubts, or financial issues the fee can be divided in installments.
  4. Do I get projects according to my voice and support with this training centre after my training also?
    A4 - Yes, We give work to selected voice artists for our Projects. You will get projects based on your voice you have & the project’s requirement. After successful completion of your training your voice samples will become part of our Studio’s voice bank. You can check our Monthly selected voice artists voice samples every month on our facebook page & youtube channel.

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